Friday, December 06, 2013

Noninvasive glucose testing for diabetics

As of right now, being a diabetic really stinks.  The tests that need to be taken for blood sugar levels are numerous and require the finger to be pricked upwards of 3-5 times a day so that the diabetic knows if they need to take medication or not.  Echo therapeutics is in the process of developing a noninvasive way for these tests to be taken without subjecting the diabetic to thousands of needles pricking their fingers.  It requires another of Echo's technology that removes the topmost layer of skin in a small area so that the Symphony CGM bio-sensor can be placed closer to the blood.  This bio-sensor is then connected wirelessly to monitor and will sound alarms if the glucose levels of the blood go out of a range predetermined by a doctor.  This will not only help diabetics at home, but with this device, doctors will no longer need to test a patient every few hours in the hospital, the monitor will automatically scan and send glucose levels every minute.  This continuous stream of data can then be used by doctors to determine how often a diabetic is out of range and work to make a more personalized medical plan for each patient.

This is of interest to me because my grandmother and a lot of people on my father's side of the family have diabetes and are always complaining about having to prick their fingers all the time.  I thought it was cool that this product was being developed specifically because of this complaint.


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