Friday, December 06, 2013

Scientists block the replication of HIV-1

   Scientists from Spanish Universities have managed to develop a terphenyl molecule that can block the replication of the HIV-1. For the viral RNA to replicate, it must first bind to a protein called Rev to leave the cell nucleus. The inhibiting terphenyl binds to the Rev receptors on the viral RNA and hence blocks the virus from Rev and leaving the nucleus. The molecule was experimentally tested and showed to block replication as theorized.
  This development could be monumental in paving the road to new treatments for HIV/AIDS which are desperately needed as viral resistance to current therapies has been increasing and the fact that there is no real vaccine in existence. HIV/AIDS has always seemed a daunting threat to me and hearing of new, alternative approaches that show promise gives me hope that the virus will eventually become an issue of the past.


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