Thursday, December 05, 2013

Step Aside Google Glass: California Company Invents, Releases X-Ray Glasses

Evena in partnership with Epson, created Eyes-on-Glasses, which are glasses that allow you to have x-ray vision. These glasses don't let you see all the way to the bone but it allows you to see under the skin enough to see the veins and other vascular structures. These x-ray glasses would allow doctors to better insert IVs, to avoid patients feeling the discomfort that is usually felt because it usually takes more than once to insert an IV. It is very hard for doctors to find the tiny veins of young children and these glasses will help with that.
The glasses work by using both wireless connectivity and 3D imaging.  

This caught my eye because it is always something that kids talk about and superheroes supposedly have and now it is reality. It is amazing to me how far technology has come and I think this is something that will definitely help in hospital environments.


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