Saturday, December 07, 2013

Chinese Scientists use liquid Gallium and X-rays to Image Heart

Scientists in China have recently taken a new approach to the 3D imaging of organs and tissues. They injected a pig heart with liquid gallium instead of the more traditional iodine-based agent and used an x-ray to image the vasculature in the heart. The differences in the imaging are incredible and allow for a much better picture of how even the smallest of capillaries in the heart are arranged. This is possibly the first of many organs to be imaged with this method and may lead to much greater understanding of the body and how it functions. What makes this method even more interesting is that it is being tested to see if it is viable to use to image living tissue because gallium is chemically inert in the body and if done properly, may only need to be in the body for a few moments.

I think this article is pretty cool because the key to understanding a lot of diseases and disorders in the body is knowing how the system functions when everything is working smoothly. With this new imaging technique, large advances may be possible for understanding the body and doctors' abilities to help their patients can be improved.


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